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Welcome, Thu!

Our group has grown since October: Anh Thu VU is now part of our team! She will investigate the micropaleontology of tsunamigenic sediments from the Mediterranean region.

Research on Tsunamis and Active Tectonics in Greece

During the month of March 2014, Sascha and Jack along with Tobi and Lauretta (BSc students from RWTH University) were in Greece for fieldwork. The fieldwork campaign started on the island of Crete; our institute at RWTH Aachen has a joint project with Mainz University to carry out paleotsunami investigations on the island.

NUGGED Seminars - open for all

On Thursday, December 04, Frank Strozyk (Geological Institute Aachen) will talk about: Syn- to post-rift evolution of salt and salt-free basins offshore Brazil and Angola/Namibia, South Atlantic.
- 12.30h, room 408