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Where we are currently workingArbeitsgruppe, 12.04.2021
NUGGED Seminars - open for allLehre, 08.04.2020
NUG: About Research on Tsunamis and Active TectonicsForschung, 12.04.2021
EGU 2014: our contributionsLehre, 28.04.2014
Earthquake geology: science, society and critical facilitiesArbeitsgruppe, 24.02.2014
New papers on tsunamis and earthquakesForschung, 21.01.2014
NUGGED Seminars - open for allArbeitsgruppe, 20.01.2014
Merry Christmas and a happy new year!Arbeitsgruppe, 10.12.2013
Congratulations, Dr. Nadine Hoffmann!Lehre, 27.08.2013
New Paper: Wiatr et al. 2013 - Slip vector analysis with high resolution t-LiDAR scanningForschung, 07.08.2013
Summer Barbecue on 4th JulyLehre, 02.07.2013
FAMOS für FAMILIE - the award for family-friendly bosses goes to Klaus Reicherter and Janos UraiArbeitsgruppe, 17.05.2013
ICDP drilling campaign in Ohrid starts!Arbeitsgruppe, 02.04.2013
Aachen 2013 - 4th International INQUA Meeting on Paleoseismology, Active Tectonics and ArcheoseismologyForschung, 23.09.2013
New program to calculate UTM coordinatesArbeitsgruppe, 18.03.2013
Out of Rubble - Workshop in LeuvenForschung, 14.12.2012
New Madeira paper publishedForschung, 25.09.2012
Extraction Management Optimization with LiDARLehre, 19.07.2012
"Active faulting and neotectonics in the Baelo Claudia area" available onlineForschung, 18.07.2012
New paper on environmental variabilityArbeitsgruppe, 16.07.2012
22 June: Geotag 2012 Lehre, 04.06.2012
New gallery: Excursion to Thuringia, 2012Arbeitsgruppe, 04.06.2012
New field work gallery: China 2012Arbeitsgruppe, 24.05.2012
Tsunami research with a lot of press coverageForschung, 25.05.2012
Two new NUG papers!Forschung, 26.03.2012
New field work gallery: Oman 2012Forschung, 22.02.2012
Want to write a thesis?Arbeitsgruppe, 13.02.2012
Young Scientist Workshop in the AllgäuForschung, 23.01.2012
Happy new year!Arbeitsgruppe, 12.01.2012
Open positions: MSc thesis & Student AssistantArbeitsgruppe, 30.11.2011
Good bye ceremony for our graduatesArbeitsgruppe, 02.11.2011
New project started!Forschung, 20.10.2011
NUGGED Seminars - open for allLehre, 24.02.2012
New Paper on Lake Ohrid publishedArbeitsgruppe, 08.07.2011
New website launched!Arbeitsgruppe, 09.11.2010
Excursion to GreeceArbeitsgruppe, 14.09.2010
Corinth 2011 - 2nd INQUA-IGCP 567 International Workshop on Active Tectonics, Earthquake Geology, Archaeology and EngineeringForschung, 14.09.2010
BSc./MSc. thesis at the NUGLehre, 23.11.2010
Baelo2009 - 1st INQUA-IGCP 567 International Workshop on Earthquake Archaeology and PalaeoseismologyForschung, 15.09.2009
Coastal evolution of the Sultanate Oman (Arabian Peninsula)Arbeitsgruppe, 23.08.2009
Field campaign Greece and MacedoniaLehre, 30.04.2009
Madeira Campaign Fall 2008Lehre, 03.12.2008
1st INQUA-IGCP 567 International Workshop on Earthquake Archaeology and PalaeoseismologyForschung, 13.03.2009
Field trip and working campaign in Southern SpainLehre, 10.05.2008
Tsunami Project in GreeceForschung, 23.01.2008
Field trip to Greece 2007Lehre, 17.03.2008
Our working areasArbeitsgruppe, 10.05.2008
Tropical Cyclone Forschung, 04.07.2007
Ground Penetrating Radar test in Almería, southern SpainArbeitsgruppe, 31.01.2007
Bachelor and Diploma thesesLehre, 10.05.2008
Exchange project with University of AthensForschung, 25.01.2007
AEQUA Congress in Avila 2007Lehre, 13.12.2006
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2007Arbeitsgruppe, 20.12.2006
M 69-1Forschung, 06.01.2007