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Where we are currently working

Many new projects in Germany, Italy, Chile, Mongolia, Sub-Himalayan Basin/Pakistan, India and Indonesia on active tectonics are currently running.
In November 2018 we carried out the cruise M152 with the German research vessel METEOR, searching for the geological footprints of tsunamis off the Algarve coast/Portugal. Along with that there are many BSc and MSc topics
Here is the overview:

We are part of the Alp Array group and the SPP 4D Mountain Building,
one project is in southern Germany (Upper Rhine Graben, Molasse Basin) together with seismologist Prof. Joachim Ritter at KIT (link),
one project with former RWTH-PostDoc Dr. Christoph Grützner at Univ. Jena
(link) that deals with active tectonics in Slovenia and northern Italy.

Persently we offer:

MSc in Pollen/Paleoclimatology (Spain/Portugal)
MSc in GIS/Remote Sensing (Carrizo Plain/CA and other areas)
several BSc theses

Still we are active in SFB 806 (third phase link) where PostDoc Tabea Schröder is working on pollen and their paleoclimatic signals.

And in the newly started SFB 1211 (2017 link) in Atacama Desert/Chile where PhD student Karin Niemann is working on faulty drainage evolution.

Of course there are more important projects running, please check the personal homepages of the researcher involved, here an overview.